Our New EP

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Our New EP

anderson-Aqua Gardens-470

“Aqua Gardens”

With our busy schedules, we could only manage to get in 1 or 2 nights of recording a week. Some weeks we just couldn’t make it happen but we stayed patient.  The time we took on the vocal harmonies and parts made the choruses sparkle. Using instrumentation like banjo and madolin on the song “When We Sing” gives it a true Americana vibe. It’s an acoustic, greasy, funky storytelling record. These 6 songs pull you into feeling deep. Our hope is come back to these songs again and again when you need a reality check.


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Lyrics and imagery-

As soon as we saw the picture of this smiling little girl playing in the water, we felt it visually reflected the songs on this record. The duality of happiness in being in the moment and the possible peril of being taken under by a whirlpool. That is my story of Aqua Gardens, I almost drowned there trying to follow my big brother out to the deep water. If it wasn’t for my dog barking and swimming out to me, my brother wouldn’t have turned around to save my life. Yet, I went right back in the water the next day.

The shots of Howie and me were taken at an old train station at the Santa Susana Pass and at the Strathearn Ranch House in Simi Valley, California. Like our music, these places hearken back to simple times which can take you down the tracks out of town.


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