Who is anderson…


Anderson is a songwriting duo featuring Joy Burnworth and Howie Anderson. Joy’s unique voice and timeless lyrics coupled with Howie’s rhythm and funky guitar grooves bring tender ballads and provocative subjects alive. They combine soul etched with Blues and smoldering Rock to demand our attention and invite the listener to join in their journey.

Joy & Howie found their chemistry and creative process was a perfect match. It resulted in two records, countless shows, Internet radio appearances and several of their tunes were put into rotation on Laney Goodman’s “Women in Music” on NPR. It was a fabulous run!

Joy took a hiatus to raise her then small children. With the kids grown up a bit and more time to be creative… the Joy and Howie engine started up again. They decided they’d move forward with a band name that reflected the essence of their music – Anderson. It was the town in Indiana where Joy grew up, the city, the muse that inspired many of their tunes. It’s Howie’s last name too. Perfect!

Soon they were back in the studio capturing the sound Joy had always envisioned: acoustically based instrumentation with Howie’s unique voice on the electric guitar, Joy’s soulful voice laying down the syncopation and phrasing that’s all her own and lace it with intricate vocal harmonies only Howie could masterfully create.

The new EP “Aqua Gardens” has rearranged favorites and a couple of new songs all in the vein of Alternative Americana. The songs are meant to inspire, and reflect those “midwestern values” of family, love, friendship, adversity, the consequences of betrayal and the ultimate victory of the human spirit…



Please come join us and enjoy some great music!

We have been performing from Ojai to Agoura and have had an incredible time. These intimate venues bring you into the performance with us. It’s been magical!



Bree Noble is the founder of Women of Substance radio, a on-line radio station supporting indie female songwriters. Her podcast just won “most creative’ from the Podcaster’s Paradise Awards. Her series “What’s in my Ipod?” has featured 3 of our songs with the 4th tune coming up in the next couple of weeks. Please support this valuable platform for up and coming female artists.

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Brad Golden started this radio station to provide independent artists of Central Coast California a place to call home. It launched on December 5th, 2015 and is adding new subscribers hourly!  Our songs are being played on both the variety and easy listening stations. Please support our music and give it a “thumbs up.” Yes, you get to vote on every song played!!

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